Believing in Dawkins

From the New Atheism to Spiritual Naturalism

Believing in Dawkins is currently being written.

Richard Dawkins has written a great deal about religion. His atheism has been attacked by many theists; yet it has not been defended by atheists. I am an atheist and I will defend Dawkinsian atheism. The main problem with his atheism is that it lies scattered in philosophical fragments across his many books. These fragments point away from nihilism towards what Dawkins calls Einsteinian religion. It looks like religious naturalism. Since Dawkins prefers spirituality to religion, I will refer to it as spiritual naturalism. As it appears in the Dawkinsian texts, spiritual naturalism is incomplete and unsystematic. I aim to defend Dawkinsian atheism by organizing his philosophical fragments into a more complete and systematic whole. I refer to this whole as the Cathedral for Spiritual Naturalists. As I build this Dawkinsian Cathedral, I will have to arrange his fragments into frameworks, and I will have to add many missing pieces. On the basis of his own texts, I will use Stoic and Platonic frameworks. I will take the missing pieces from many philosophers. I am building on Dawkins. Given the same Dawkinsian fragments, others may build very different buildings.

Longer Summary

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