Building on Dawkins

From the New Atheism to Spiritual Naturalism

Table of Contents

Building on Dawkins is currently being written.

1. Introduction

1. Dawkinsian Philosophy
2. Far Beyond Biology

2. Atomic Evolution

1. The Library of All Possible Atoms
2. Permutational Probabilities
3. Atomic Scalpels Make Clean Cuts
4. The Evolution of Atomic Complexity
5. Stellar Improbability Pumps
6. Fun at the Alchemical Refinery

3. Molecular Evolution

1. The Library of All Possible Molecules
2. The Evolution of Molecular Complexity
3. All the Lovely Little Planets

4. Biological Evolution

1. The Tree of Life
2. The Library of All Possible Organisms
3. The Intrinsic Value of Complexity
4. The Evolution of Biological Complexity
5. Crowded Peaks and Empty Craters

5. On Organic Designers

1. Benevolent Watchmakers
2. The Argument from Evil
3. Violent Beauty Shining Brightly
4. The Dionysian Artists

6. Technological Evolution

1. The Evolution of Technological Complexity
2. The Library of All Possible Technologies
3. The Infinite Computer at the End of Time

7. Design Demystified

1. Evolution Designs Organisms
2. Designoid Animal Technologies
3. Mental Evolution Intelligently Designs Artifacts
4. All Design-Work is Evolutionary

8. The Naturalized Organic Design Arguments

1. Evolution Plays the Role of Watchmaker
2. On the Intelligent Design of Organisms
3. The Lord of the Biomorphs

9. Physical Evolution

1. The Library of All Possible Physical Things
2. The Great Chain of Being
3. Brilliant Eggs Unscrambling in the Sky
4. Leaky Buckets Lift Great Stones
5. Maximizing Entropy Production Rates
6. The Evolution of General Physical Complexity

10. Possible Universes

1. The Palace of the Fates
2. A Nightmare for Architects
3. Endlessly Ever Better Books
4. Lexical Plenitude
5. The Parable of the Words
6. How Meaningful Stories Emerge

11. Home Sweet Home

1. Our Universe is Complex
2. Tuned for Very Fine Music
3. The Oracle at Delphi

12. Almost Cosmological Hypotheses

1. The Eternal Inflation Hypothesis
2. The Fecund Universe Hypothesis
3. Merely Physical Falling Flat

13. Cosmological Hypotheses

1. The Necessity Hypothesis
2. The Lottery Hypothesis
3. The Plenitude Hypothesis

14. On Cosmic Designers

1. The God Hypothesis
2. The Simulation Hypothesis
3. The Argument from Cosmic Beauty

15. Cosmological Evolution

1. Organic Cosmology
2. Universes Beget Universes
3. A Biocosmic Mythology
4. Cosmic Spiders Weave their Webs
5. No Room for Cosmic Sex

16. Digital Organisms

1. Self-Reproducing Biological Machines
2. Self-Reproducing Cosmic Machines
3. The Science of Animats
4. Digitally Animated Books
5. Making Cosmic Babies

17. The Naturalized Cosmological Arguments

1. The Cosmic Zero
2. A Root on Fire in the Void
3. The First Cause is not God
4. Getting Started at Getting Better

18. The Metaphysical Question

1. Why is there Something rather than Nothing?
2. The Abstract and the Concrete
3. Welcome to the Ontological Orgy
4. You Can't Get Something from Nothing

19. The Modal Library

1. Logical Plastic
2. Classical Turing Machines
3. The Machine Language of Being
4. Circles beyond Circles
5. All the Busy Beavers

20. That Abstract Atmosphere

1. Platonism and Nominalism
2. The Indispensability Argument
3. Do Concrete Things Even Exist?

21. Diamond Hard Light

1. The Mathematical Universe Hypothesis
2. Seduced by that Ravishing Splendor
3. The Inexorable Demands of Value
4. Tattooed with an Axiological Ink
5. Fathomless Depths of Power

22. In the Crucible of Reason Forged

1. The Anselmian Ontological Argument
2. The Anselmian Ontological Argument Clarified
3. To Have an Instance Brings No Greatness
4. That Than Which No Greater is Possible

23. The Naturalized Ontological Argument

1. The Naturalized Ontological Argument
2. An Unsurpassable Class of Surpassable Things
3. The Supreme Being is not God
4. Climbing to the Sun

24. How Time Begins

1. The Axiarchic Library
2. Arrows of Creative Responsibility
3. How Actuality Erupts and Flows
4. By Computation Brought to Life
5. Like Flowers Open to the Sun

25. The Spawn of Aesthetic Engines

1. At the Bottom of the Sacred Mountain
2. Like Little Stars Lined Up
3. The Game of Life
4. Networks of Software Objects
5. Mirrors Nested in Mirrors

26. The Naturalized Cosmic Design Arguments

1. A Long Line of Stupid Mechanics
2. Cosmic Replicators Accumulate Cosmic Design
3. On the Intelligent Design of Universes

27. To Infinity and Beyond

1. Defeated by Infinity?
2. The Limits of Infinite Progressions
3. The Infinite Library
4. Where Angels Fear to Tread
5. Mathematical Ragnarok

28. Human Animals

1. Genetically Programmed Survival Machines
2. Against Magical Mental Mystery
3. A String of Counterparts
4. How Recreation Beats Survival

29. Ethics

1. Genetic Egoism
2. From Selfish Genes to Altruistic Organisms
3. Objectively Existing Values
4. From Rationality to the Categorical Imperative
5. From Rationality to Natural Goods
6. Maximize Beauty!

30. Gazing on that Far Shore

1. The Immortal Gene
2. The Form of the Body
3. Cosmic Genes in Titanic Machines
4. Animatic Design Constraints

31. Spiritual Naturalism

1. Beyond Religion
2. From the Sublime to Gratitude
3. Computational Benefactors
4. Evolutionary Providence

32. On the Porch Again

1. From the New Atheism to Stoicism
2. Stoic Technologies of Salvation
3. Burning the Man

33. Fire, Ever-Living