Philosophical Paganism

Naturalizing Ancient Pagan Thought

Philosophical Paganism is currently being written.

Philosophical Paganism uses the resources of ancient philosophy and the tools of contemporary analytic philosophy to build a new kind of paganism.

Philosophical paganism is inspired by ancient Platonic and Stoic thought. It takes old Platonic and Stoic theories apart and puts them back together in ways supported by modern science. Philosophical paganism is also inspired by those modern pagan movements which develop old Platonic and Stoic paganisms in reasonable ways.

Philosophical paganism is consistent with modern science. It rejects all supernaturalism and profoundly opposes all woo. It is naturalistic and entirely atheistic -- it is an atheopaganism. It shows how to develop rational ways of being pagan. Its theories and practices are supported by evidence and logical arguments. It shows how ancient pagan philosophies and modern scientific rationality can generate spiritually rich ways of thinking and living in our entirely natural world.


Table of Contents

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