Eric Steinhart


These topic areas contain videos and downloadable documents.

Philosophy of Religion Course

Here are some resources for my Philosophy of Religion Course. It takes a broader approach to the religions of the West, from ancient Greece to the modern Americas, especially alternatives to the Abrahamic religions. These materials are drafts and are perpetually in progress. They are an open educational resource, freely available for non-commercial educational use.

Naturalistic Theology

Your Digital Afterlives

A summary of my recent book on digital approaches to life after death.

A Naturalistic Cosmological Argument

This video presents a naturalistic version of the cosmological argument.

The Evolution of Naturalistic Gods

This video describes the evolution of naturalistic gods.


The Enneads

This contains selected texts from The Enneads, by Plotinus. The text is based on the Stephen MacKenna translation. The text has been selected and organized. It has been heavily edited and illustrated by Eric Steinhart.

Introduction to Plotinus

This video introduces Plotinus.

Plotinus on matter.

This video introduces the Plotinian theory of matter.

Matter as the mirror of forms.

For Plotinus, matter is the mirror of the forms.

The parable of the two spheres.

The parable of the two spheres is a key Plotinian text.

The fall of the soul.

This video explains the Plotinian theory of the fall of the soul.


Transhumanism and Religion Bibliography. (Download)

ABSTRACT: This list contains articles and books dealing with transhumanism and religion. I have included only items published in academic journals or on other reputable or institutionally sponsored sites. Most of this literature is peer-reviewed. I have deliberately excluded items that deal with the ethical aspects of transhumanism from religious perspectives. I have focused on items that deal with theological topics or issues. Surely this list is incomplete in many ways - I look forward to learning about new items to be added!