On Nietzsche

An Analytic Introduction to Nietzsche's Thought

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Steinhart, E. (1999) On Nietzsche Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

On Nietzsche is a friendly and accessible introduction to Nietzsche. It treats Nietzsche as a philosopher rather than as a literary figure. He's a thinker, not a poet - even though he sometimes expresses his thought poetically. In contrast to much recent work on Nietzsche, On Nietzsche regards his thought as both systematic and rational. The book focuses on Nietzsche's ideas and arguments, not on his personality or his biography. It reveals the consistency and power of his thought. It aims to present Nietzsche's main ideas with analytic clarity and precision. On Nietzsche deals with Nietzsche's epistemology, his ontology, his philosophy of religion, and his ethics. The book is filled with extensive references to Nietzsche's writings.