The Logic of Metaphor

Analogous Parts of Possible Worlds

Download NETMET

NETMET is a program that implements The Logic of Metaphor (LOM).

NETMET was written in C and runs in DOS mode on Windows machines.

The download ZIP file includes:

  • the NETMET executable
  • the source code for NETMET
  • sample input files for generating and interpreting metaphors
  • a series of guided exercises for learning the LOM
  • a documentation file.

The sample input files include:

  • ATOM.PRP -- The solar system is an atom
  • COMPMIND.PRP -- The mind is a computer
  • DECEIVES.PRP -- A metaphor about deception
  • GREEK.PRP -- A simple analogy involving Greek gods
  • LAWS.PRP -- An analogy between Newton's law and Coulomb's law
  • LEAVES.PRP -- An analogy between plants and animals
  • MEMORY.PRP -- The Platonic metaphor: memory is a wax tablet
  • MIDWIFE.PRP -- The Platonic metaphor: Socrates is a midwife
  • MINDBODY.PRP -- Platonic mind/body analogies
  • NOISE.PRP -- An illustration of how NETMET handles noisy input
  • OTHER.PRP -- The argument by analogy for other minds
  • SOUNDWVE.PRP -- Lightwaves are soundwaves.

You are encouraged to modify and improve NETMET. There are only two restrictions: You must explicitly give credit to Eric Steinhart for the original code and you may not use either the original code or your modifications for profit or other commercial gain.