Eric Steinhart



Here are some interviews.

Interviewed by Richard Martin for 3AM Magazine.

This is a good interview - it covers lots of topics, and Richard gets me to go deeper into my thoughts on spirituality and religion.

Interviewed by Helen de Cruz for the Prosblogion.

Helen interviews me about my religious naturalism, my work on developing religious practices for naturalists, and philosophy of religion.

Video interview with Pete Mandik for SpaceTimeMind.

Here's the video of my interview by Pete Mandik.

Interviewed by Pete Mandik for the SpaceTimeMind podcast.

We talk about the difference between V and L, infinite zombie Leibnizs, entheogens, mystical experience, digitalism, and life after death.

Interviewed by Carrie Figdor for the New Books in Philosophy podcast.

We talk about my new book, Your Digital Afterlives.

Interviewed by Luke Muehlhauser for Convesations from the Pale Blue Dot.

We talk about atheism, Dawkins, Neoplatonic theology, and axiarchism.