Ritual Kindles Vision

A Digitalist Framework for Modern Paganism

Ritual Kindles Vision begins with nothing, that is, with non-being. The element of water symbolizes the abyss of non-being. Non-being is also the Zero. As pure negativity, non-being negates itself.

The self-negation of non-being is being-itself. The element of earth symbolizes being-itself. Just as non-being was the Zero, so being-itself is the One. Being-itself is the ground of all the beings. It is the pure power of creativity. Non-being is maximal self-incongruency. Since being-itself emerges from the self-negation of this incongruency, being-itself maximizes self-congruency.

The powerful self-congruency of being-itself is the dyad. The dyad is symbolized by the Two. Since consistency holds among propositions, the creative self-congruency of the dyad emanates a series of increasingly powerful propositions. It assigns truth-values to them in the way that emanates that system of beings than which none greater is consistently definable. From the propositions, the Two emanates sets. From sets it emanates numbers and programs. It fills the sky with abstract objects. So the dyad is the air.

As the power of the One flows through abstract objects, it manifests a maximally valuable structure of concreteness. Programs manifest cosmic computations, which reify themselves into the demiurges. These demiurgic machines contain universes. As demiurges beget demiurges, they fill up the world tree with increasingly complex universes. Some of these contain rocks, plants, animals, humans, transhumans, and superhuman animals, that is, deities. These rise into the transfinite. All concreteness bears the mark of fire.

The power of the One manifests unsurpassable sequences of surpassable objects. These sequences reify themselves into absolutely infinite objects - transcendental objects. An unsurpassable series of surpassable bodies is a Perfect Body, a body at the level of a proper class. There are absolutely infinitely many Perfect Bodies. All transcendental objects are stars. They are illuminated by the Good, which is itself a transcendental proposition. The Good is light.