Ritual Kindles Vision

A Digitalist Framework for Modern Paganism

Ritual Kindles Vision works from the zero of non-being up to the absolute infinity of the stars. Along the way, it passes through all five elements, starting with water, then earth and air and fire, and ending with light. Along the way, it develops a logical framework incorporating the elements of many paganisms. This framework holds many practices.

The Platonic Zero is nothingness, that is, non-being. As pure negativity, non-being negates itself. Nothingness is symbolized by the oceanic abyss. Its element is water.

  • Water is a cardinal element.

The self-negation of non-being is being-itself. This is the Platonic One. Its element is earth. It emerges from the oceanic abyss like an island. This island is an altar.

  • Earth is a cardinal element.
  • • Many paganisms (like Wicca) have an ultimate source. The ultimate source is the One.
  • Altars hold the One.

Through self-relation, the One emanates the Platonic Two. The Two is totality of propositions, including the axioms of logic and mathematics. The self-relation of the One makes the sky of abstract objects. The element of the Two is air.

  • Air is a cardinal element.
  • Crystals symbolize the rational order of nature.

The Two generates the axioms for numbers. These axioms manifest the numbers themselves. The number line is the vertical axis of nature. It rises infinitely high, from the earth to the star of numbers. This star is the proper class of ordinals.

The Two generates the axioms of set theory, which manifest the iterative hierarchy of pure sets. These fill the sky with structure. Nature is the class of sets. The V that rises above the earth symbolizes the iterative hierarchy.

As the power of the One overflows into the sets, it enters the binary strings. These are the programs for cosmic computers.

The One selects the best system of cosmic computers for animation. These cosmic computers are abstract hardware objects. They are demiurges. They make up the world tree of abstract universes. Since this tree is abstract, it is only branches. The star of numbers acquires absolute value, and becomes the Good. The Good is symbolized by the sun.

  • • The world tree occurs in many pagan cosmologies. Trees are important for Druids and others.
  • Demiurges occur in ancient Platonic paganisms.

The power of the One animates all the computers in the world tree. This animating power is the element of fire. It is the energetic sap that runs through the branches of the world tree and brings it to life. This fire animates the sun, so that it bursts into flames.

  • Fire is a cardinal element.
  • • Fire is ontological energy, which is aroused by many pagans in ritual.

Plato and the Stoics argued that our universe is analogous to a living organism. But organisms reproduce. The reproductive powers of universes are located in their demiurges. So the biocosmic analogy says demiurges reproduce.

  • • The biocosmic analogy says demiurges reproduce.
  • • Demiurgic reproduction entails cosmological evolution. Thus universes gain complexity.
  • Magic shapes demiurgic fire-energy.

Demiurgic reproduction is sexual. Acting in demiurgic reproduction, the fire-energy of the One displays both a male aspect and a female aspect. The female aspect is the Gyneton while the male aspect is the Andreton. These are generic roles for the male-female demiurgic powers in many paganisms.

  • • The Stoic hierogamy of Hera and Zeus.
  • • The Norse androgynous giant Ymir.
  • • The Wiccan Goddess and God.

The animating power of the One sets the cosmic computers into motion, so they generate concrete software universes. These are symbolized by the leaves on the tree.

The directionality of the One grounds ethics. Pagan ethics includes deontology and virtue ethics. Deontology establishes your duties; virtues help you do your duties. The Stoics developed many practices for cultivating virtue.

  • Stoic exercises help build virtue.
  • Meditation helps build virtue.

Magic spells construct names for possible future universes. Through semiotic causality, they transfer demiurgic fire-energy to those universes, minimally increasing the probability that they will become actual. Although magic works, it does not work instrumentally, that is, it does not replace reliable technique.

  • Magic occurs in many paganisms.

Many pagan rituals express gratitude to impersonal things like the earth, sun, evolution, and the universe. It is rational and ethically appropriate to give thanks to impersonal things. You can give thanks to the sun in stone circles.

  • Thanks giving occurs in many pagan rituals.
  • • It is rational to give thanks to the sun in stone circles on solar holidays.
  • Pagan contemplative prayer is a way to thank and revere or venerate nature.

The wheel of the year symbolizes the demiurgic reproductive cycle, and the sexual interaction of the Andreton and Gyneton. It likewise symbolizes other cycles visible on earth. It symbolizes death and rebirth, and theurgic ascent to the deities.

  • • The wheel of the year occurs in many paganisms.

Many paganisms endorse rebirth or reincarnation. Rebirth occurs across universes in the world tree. The soul is the form of the body. You will be reborn into your better future counterparts in better future universes.

  • Rebirth is endorsed by many paganisms.

Pagan deities are not theistic deities. Theism belongs to the Abrahamic religions. Pagan deities are atheistic. They are physical bodies. Pagan deities are future superhuman animals. Deities are not objects of prayer or worship. They are ideals which shape our aspirations. Through theurgical practices, and rebirth, we strive to become like them.

  • Gods and goddesses occurs in many paganisms.
  • • Deities are future superhuman animals.
  • • Deities are ideals to which we aspire.

Humans can mentally simulate being deities. One way to simulated deities occurs in theurgical trances. During these trances, which resemble shamanism, a human channels or is ridden by a deity. Another way occurs in ecstatic dancing. During hyperarousal trances, humans may simulate deities.

  • • In theurgical trances, humans simulate deities.
  • • In ecstatic dancing, humans simulate deities.

The Good is an ideal. But the Good is not the only ideal. Pagans say perfection is multiple. Every ideal is a star in the sky, so the sky is filled with stars. The element for the stars is light.

  • Light is a cardinal element.
  • • Safe and legal psychedelic communions facilitate mystical union with the Good.